[Solved] The Brotherhood Arrival  

Brother Sasha
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How old are you?:17

Are you somewhat fluent in speaking English?:Very well my accent is a bit off

Why do you want to join the whitelisted roleplaying community?:Well to start off i have been playing on a whitelisted server its called Fudgy whitelisted server and now i want to try something new i also have a group called (Brotherhood) and as i said for my self we all wanna try something new to expierence how it is to change from an semi rp to a full roleplay.

Do you have a working microphone?:Yes

Have you had any previous roleplaying experience? (if so we'd love to hear about it!):I do i have been playing at the start pvp then i got bored and playid rp for a while but with time everything got boring and semi rp show up and made me wanna play again now i got bored of that and i wish to go back to some rp.

Character background- Write a background for your character. Talk about how you ended up in the apocalypse and what sort of person your character is- try to keep things realistic:Me and my team(Borotherhood) went on a adventure with a boat and we ran out of fuel. We all went to sleep that night and we woke up on this island. At first we didn't know the island is infected. So we went around and one of our member approached one of the "citizen", the "citizen" turned around and attacked him, but the zombie missed. That's the moment where we realized that the island is infected then we went and explored to see if we could find any more survivors but sadly all the citys were infected same for who lived in there then we decided we need to get some gear and see up a place for us we decided to make a base somewere in the woods to be more safe from the zombies.

Steam profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198275657495/

Posted : 04/11/2018 11:44 am
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Just because you are applying with someone doesn't mean you can copy and paste their terrible application.



Posted : 06/11/2018 4:33 am
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Fuckin hell, this is a bad one, anyway even if it was good your whole group would get denied because of how you act on the public servers. Denied

Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana.


Posted : 10/11/2018 3:11 pm
Rosa liked
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Isn't this the faction from Fudgy's series????

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Posted : 15/11/2018 1:04 am
Robert O Flanko
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This is. And considering the fact that you destroyed your whole base they were using for a video because your team member got demoted explains how you guys will be.

Posted : 15/11/2018 1:56 am
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So you heard of it ey?

Well it went something like this:

THE INSANE IDEA FROM Elias was that we should attack they'r outpost. So we agreed to that and went something like this.

Lorenzo - God Mode}
Elias - God Mode      }  They were all in god mode. (I'm really sure that no one uses god mode in Nylex's)

Major - God Mode    }

We fought without knowing that they were in god mode. Fudgy was all the times going with the "FLOW", Nylex plans his videos as i saw.

So we decided to just quit it. We had a toxic'ish  behavior mostly because all of our members got banned by no fricking reason!

We tried talking to them.. no chance, they hated us to death.

So.. to make us leave better and in kind of style was just to fuck with them a bit.

And we didn't really  care about the demotion at all. We just wanted to quit because of the BB being so fanbuys over videos, they just searched for every opportunity for a video and any moment any second just to get even for 1 frame in the video. In the first place we didn't wanted to do to do what we did, but hearing that someone got banned for no reason, that is just bullshit! So we just took kind of a revenge and just wanted to make ourselves gone without no reason. But they did find a reason apparently.


Well anyways, that was fudgy's server and full of kids (*COUGH* ELIAS *COUGH*). As i heard trough the videos so i can see the RP-ers in there to see how old are they, and many other shit that they do around there. Don't get us wrong on the things that we did. That was the past and we are trying to get over many things, bad things, and that's one of them. We are sorry for our behavior and we will try to fix it in the future and even now. Thanks for the feedback with our behavior and i will talk with the team to get the toxicity out of the way.

-The Brotherhood

Posted : 16/11/2018 9:41 pm

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