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We are a website that owns many different Unturned Survival Roleplaying servers that are sculpted around the community's suggestions. We have something for everyone, from casual Roleplaying servers to hardcore whitelisted ones. Choose to be a bandit, a hero, be part of a clan or survive as a lone wolf. With custom mods, no KOS and a huge expanding community, visit the servers page to start your adventure!

  • EST. 2016

    Since we began in 2016, our community has grown into one of the most popular and consistent Roleplaying networks for Unturned with hundreds of thousands of unique players.

  • dedicated team

    With active and friendly admins, check out the Forums or the Discord for admin support

The Team

These are the people who's efforts keep the community alive!
Nylex is the owner of all UnturnedRoleplay.com servers and is the creator of the website and forums!
Admin | Developer
NSTM is a huge contributor to the servers. He is solely responsible for the creation of the NPC’s we use, the customized map we use and a few other workshop goodies here and there! With fast ongoing updates being released to the servers’ mods, and lots of activity, NSTM is a very reputable admin.
Crazy Bob
Crazy Bob is an avid Roleplayer and is very active on the Chernarus server. He holds a great reputation with the playerbase and always goes the extra mile to keep the servers a fun and enjoyable place.
Justin has been around a fair while, but only recently has joined the admin team. Very active and a great help in and out of game, whether that be here on the website, or on the discord.
A long time player of the community with a rocky road to admin. Very active around the safezone and provides amazing custom builds for the server & community.
Respected member of the community and a very active admin. Mostly helps with creative tasks in-game, most notably designing and creating shops for players in the safezone (Though on his own terms, and is not to be expected of him 24/7!).
OG member of the community turned admin who’s fair and level headed in situations. Helps out both in and out of game.
This man is helpful, yet spooky. He also goes by many names.