the sexiest lore in existence  

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name: vesscoochie 

alias: flowerpower2000

my actual name: owowen(it’s owen please don’t call me owowen)

gender: i identify as a salmon, neither male or female 

what do i do for a living?

good question, i’m a self proclaimed retard who wastes his life on unturned. on unturned i raid bases, rob innocent children, and sell raiding gear in my shop. 


with all of my money, i spent it on my unhealthy addiction, consuming glue with the bottle included.

who am i

im an anime hippie gamer, the keeper of the holy salmon, and possibly the most idiotic person at times, i like to party hard.


i am as salty as a potato chip when i loose my glue on unturned, no glue means an unhappy vess.


i like placing random flowers around the map and a ton of them in my shop WHICH YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT AND BUY STUFF FROM ME. i’m desperate 

other stuff 

vtm is my habibi, vince is my side habibi even though i met him first so they equal, we the V triangle 


if u see me on chernarus, there’s a 50% i am stoned as all hell, for legal reasons this is a joke 


i’m a tame impala fanboy


my favorite food is bananas


i came to chernarus when i realized how many goddamn salmon y’all have here 


also robrat is a cutie 

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Marry me cutie 

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The Friendly HitMan :D
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