third appeal becaus...
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third appeal because ive been told to use the format #3 its been a year

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-What happened/why you were banned
i got banned for racisim it because i said the n word i am black myself and it was meant to be towards a friend not in game

-Why you feel you should be unbanned/gave a second chance
hello so ive been banned for racisim it was a year ago and i didnt mean to say the n word i am black myself and i was tallking to one of my friends and i wasnt muted ingame if you want proof of my colour i can provide also i am very sorry in the begging when i got banned for saying the n word i felt sorry i was guilty i tried to last my time but i feel the need to be unbanned i will apriciate it very much the saff is nice here so i hope you guys will forgive me 😊

-What server you were banned
from unterned life rp

-A link to your steam profile

Topic starter Posted : 08/12/2021 6:59 am
Robert O Flanko

I understand you might be black as you claim, But that does not excuse the use of that word on our servers. It doesn't matter if you're white, black, brown, etc. I will unban you but refrain from using that language. 

Posted : 13/12/2021 9:20 pm