Raindeer's Ban Appe...

Raindeer's Ban Appeal  

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-What happened/why you were banned I Was Banned For Giving Out Pd Gear
-Why you feel you should be unbanned/gave a second chance So I Was Banned For Giving Out Pd Gear And Rn I Dont Not Remember Giving Out Pd Gear I May Of Idk I Might Of Done It And I Forgot And I Know That Im Not Allowed To Do That And All But If I Do Remember When I Did It I Am Sorry For Doing It Ig And I Will Try Not To Do It Again If I Rejoin Pd (if i get unbanned i need to get rid of pd gear i have on me)
-What server you were banned from LifeRP
-A link to your steam profile  https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199182831583

Posted : 03/12/2021 10:37 pm
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Denied, you've had 6 prior bans and you know what you did. There's clear evidence. I think you're gonna have to wait this one out.

Posted : 04/12/2021 4:29 am