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Blue Shirt Guys Unban Appeal  

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What happened/why you were banned: It all started when I was driving around in a black Emfive. I was driving around and saw Colourinq, Larry, and someone’s name I do not remember. I wanted to say hi to colourinq and larry, they were on a hill so I turned and started driving up the hill. My car then Would not slow down, I started to hold my spacebar and hard as I could and also tried to turn my car, But it was too late. I ended up VDMing them and getting arrested. I regret driving up that hill and I wish I would have just said hi in chat.

Why you feel you should be unbanned/given a second chance: I feel I should be given a second chance because I did not Intend to VDM any of the Cops on the hill. I originally only wanted to say hi to them and then leave them alone. I feel really bad for doing this, Sorry.

What server you were banned from: Life RP

A link to your Steam profile:

Posted : 04/12/2021 2:00 am
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Accepted We all know vehicle physics make no sense on Unturned, please pay attention when driving close to pedestrians.  

Posted : 05/12/2021 7:53 pm
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