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Dan's PD Application

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I think that I would be a great asset to the police force, not only that I think that I would try my best to help the Server grow not only as a server but as a community, i think that this role is perfect for me as I like helping people out and doing the right thing, I am very good at reading situations so nothing goes wrong and explaining things to new players, the reason why i feel like i not only am fit for the role but would like to is becasue i would like to experience both sides of life rp, iv already done all the criminal/civilian things such as setting up shops and robbing people, but now i would like to try be the one protecting the people from getting robbed, this is why I think I should join the police force.

I Have been playing the life RP for about 350 hours as it is mainly the only server I play.

Topic starter Posted : 04/06/2023 11:43 am
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DM Monteh#9143 for interview

Posted : 05/06/2023 4:18 pm