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I haven't been actively involved in a roleplay server since summer 2017, but I'd like to get into it again since they're so much fun.  I understand that applications are paused for now, however I'd like to write this just to have in case the server opens up again and also because it's good practice.  Feel free to message me other whitelisted servers to play on until this one opens up 🙂

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Countless Unturned roleplay servers, along with Gmod, GTAV, and (don't laugh) Minecraft and Roblox

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Name: Vernon Knight

Age: 21

Occupation: Fine Arts Student


My story begins at the University of Washington where I was a fine arts major.  I had lived in Seattle for all my life and I was quite content with myself. I had a girlfriend, a loving family, and I was pursuing higher education.  It would seem like I was living the easy life, however I may have been living a little too easy as I was on the verge of failing one of my art courses. My professor gave me an ultimatum where I could take the failing grade and redo the course next year, or join him along with the other failures on a trip abroad to study the art of lesser known regions of Europe.  A mere month of my summer vacation and a neat trip to Europe was obviously the better choice so I agreed and when the date came, I accompanied my peers to the airport, said my goodbyes to my family, and was off on what would be a life altering adventure.


We landed in Chernarus, A boring former USSR satellite state.  I unpacked my belongings in my hotel room, and began preparing for what would seem to be the most uneventful month of my life.  It was about a week into my trip when the news broke. There was a crazy virus infecting the population of North America. I immediately called my family to make sure they were ok and they assured me they were fine.  They said the government had it under control and advised that it would blow over in a while. My family was going to wait it out in the city and had just started to stockpile food. I wished them good luck, joked about how I had planned the virus to strike as soon as I left, then said goodbye.  My girlfriend was a totally different story. When I called her, she was clearly panicked. Her family was taking it as a serious situation and was planning on evacuating to Canada for safety. Where my parents were calm and even optimistic, my girlfriend was scared and discouraged. She kept repeating “I love you.  I love you.” as if it would be the last words she would ever speak.


Over the next few days the news continued to become more and more bleak.  City after city began to fall in America to what the media would call “The living dead”.  I texted my girlfriend good morning, but received no response. I called her and got the same.  I then called my parents and on the final ring my dad picked up. The country had gone to shit was how he put it.  He and my mom had been on the road for a while, since Seattle fell. The military that had assured them of safety began attacking innocent people trying to contain the spread of the virus, so they left the city in a hurry.  They didn’t know where they were going yet, but my dad said they had to avoid major highways. When I asked how mom was he said she was hysteric. Since the city wasn’t safe to travel in, they had to leave my grandparents, aunts, and uncles all behind.  It was hard for my mom to bear the reality of leaving the rest of my family for dead. I told my dad I loved him and to tell my mom the same, and as I hung up, I already knew that would be the last time I would ever talk to them.


The virus continued to spread until the entire North American continent was in chaos.  A week and a half after the outbreak, my prof told us the university had decided to let us go free because of current events, and he urged us to buy plane tickets to then virus-free Europe.  This was B.S. because nobody had any contact back home for days, but that didn’t stop my prof and half of the study group from escaping to somewhere a little nicer for the end of the world. I had spent all the money I had on tuition, and went into the red to get to Chernarus, so I was forced to stay behind.  


It wasn’t until the Russian government fell that I truly realized the scale of this epidemic.  Some paramilitary group called the Coalition started creating safe points around the world, and also started reliably broadcasting news to Chernarus.  The world was going to shit and I just had to bide my time until the shitstorm hit me. It didn’t take long as Chernarus was soon flooded with refugees looking for a safe place to live, and bringing the infected with them.  The city soon fell to chaos and as I had no useful skills to survive, I looted a vending machine and barricaded myself in my hotel room with my small window and the screams of annihilation outside being my only contact to the world around me.  People were being robbed, raped, and murdered. The dead were overwhelming the city, and all I could do was sit and wait, processing all of the destruction around me.


On the fourth, or maybe fifth day I awoke to silence.  It was an eerie silence signalling something was not ok, but it was silence nonetheless.  It seemed as if the city was finally at peace. I pushed the furniture out of the way of my door and walked out.  I needed food and water badly and looked through other hotel rooms before moving on to grocery stores and markets.  Whenever a dead one or heaven forbid a car came close, I’d just hide and pray to my unanswering God that they’d keep moving, because I had seen the devastation both were capable of.  


It’s been ages since I’ve talked to another person and my sanity seems to be leaving me as well.  Every night I’m haunted by nightmares of my family and friends all dying right before me, and I’m helpless to save them.  I can’t even say goodbye. To combat this I started taking drugs, only to have them numb the pain and not take it away. I suspect I’ve fallen to addiction as every day it becomes more of a challenge to function without their use, and as time passes they start bringing me up to my normal self less and less.  Food is running low, and it’s only a matter of time before a dead one gets the better of me. I now take my first real steps into this twisted world, and hope that life may still be worth living.

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Bless you. Thank you for making this.

Posted : 18/11/2018 10:05 pm
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Thank you 😊 

Posted : 19/11/2018 3:11 am

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