Srdjan Whitelist Application #2  

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How old are you?:16

Are you somewhat fluent in speaking English?:Yes

Why do you want to join the whitelisted roleplaying community?:It has been months since my old computer was fried,and when i moved countries I didnt quite have time for games,and I lost that touch of gameplay in a roleplaying community of any kind

Do you have a working microphone?:Yes,on my headphones

Have you had any previous roleplaying experience? (if so we'd love to hear about it!):

Around 1500 hours lodged into various Arma 3 RP SERVERS

About 758 hours on Gmod DarkRP and other various servers

Arma 2 at around 140 hours spent on the RP servers when they all started out

Character background- Write a background for your character. Talk about how you ended up in the apocalypse and what sort of person your character is- try to keep things realistic:Srdjan Rabukov,born in 1989 -A Chernarussian kid in his early years dreamed of becoming a soldier in Chernarussian Defence Force,and as a kid he always got into trouble because he opposed different opinions often being beaten up by local bullies.

Starting high school as an artist,he would run away from reality occasionally,and draw imaginary military conflicts both in real time,and still saw military as a salvation and a mediocre payed job.During high school years it was hard for him and his family to support themselves,making both his father and mother do several shifts a day.

When he reached 18 years of age he headed straight to the CDF recruiting office,and applied for the Army.He spent 2 years in the military and had to reenlist after Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.The day the world fell he was a first responder with the CDF in  the Elektrozavodsk to a suppossed riot that was getting out of control for local police

Armed with assault rifles the team stepped out of the truck and soon the herd of rioters moved towards them slowly and some ran.Several warning shots were fired in the sky,but no one stopped,forcing the team to open fire,angering the mob with them picking up speed,and the responders were forced into the city,with a critical situation a couple of T-72 MBTs arrived with a support of Hind helicopter,giving team enough time to exfil to the hospital,where a group of bandits tried to open the automated lock door,getting their attention the bandits yelled and rushed badly injuring one member but they managed to get push them back with guns.A part of route required the team to go into an alleyway that seemed empty,but upon entering it a pile of bodies disgusted Srdjan and the rest of the team,as no other route was discovered they were forced to go through this place slowly,while in disgust and any squishy noise could make them vomit and pass out,but Exfil was near.As soon as the team arrived,they regrouped with soldiers from 22nd Mechanized Warfare Unit,explaining what they saw...The medic from the Unit attended to the wounds of a member,while waiting on extraction,the helicopter did a fly-by and turned around to land

The team boarded and took off but not soon after a jet bombed the city and the Elektrozavodsk Power Plant causing major damage to the city

While getting back bandits got their hands on a ZSU-23 AA system,and shot down the helicopter,disassembling it in pieces in which full 22nd Mechanized Unit died and the part of the first responder...That was the last time people saw Srdjan and his unit..Provided a picture of 22nd Mechanized unit and first responder team (Srdjan is second from right)

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Posted : 18/11/2018 1:28 pm
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He was born in 1970...My bad

Posted : 18/11/2018 1:35 pm

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