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What is your region? North America

Tell us why you would make a good staff member and what you can do for the community: The reason why I think I will make a good staff member is because I am on Life RP a lot and have a lot of experience in the server. I always see people typing in chat messages like: "Any staff in game?" "Can A staff TP to me?" so to prevent there being less staff I figured I'd join. I also help out a lot of people in the community, such as in the support channel in the Nylex discord server, if it's a vehicle they're in search for without a name, or if their mods are conflicting. I can help out a lot of people in the community, weather if it was in-game or on the discord. I familiarized myself with all the broken rules and I continuously keep seeing them over and over again while I could easily get that handled with. I see a lot of incompetent members that don't understand rules or guidelines that I could elaborate on, and help and make sure they understand the rules, and that if they break it they will receive the punishment they deserved. I've also never been banned from the server, so I know the rules and how they work!

How long have you been playing on servers (roughly): Around a year and a half give or take

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Topic starter Posted : 19/01/2023 11:03 pm
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Trusted guy, was on ems then PD, genuinely helpful and trustworthy, also a great person to have on staff if staff our needed. 

Posted : 22/01/2023 12:39 am
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Well, has been in the community for a while, but I think it will be no

Posted : 23/01/2023 8:32 am
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ace is very cool guy he shoud be in staff!! even tho he is like a little inactive just a tiny bit but trust him (even tho i dont think u will get accepted since u dont suck off thx like nexx and riley)

Posted : 25/01/2023 3:20 pm
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+rep chill and is active enough to be an admin

Posted : 29/01/2023 9:38 pm