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Clan Recruitment for Chernarus LN

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Chernarus Clan Formation and Recruitment

With the many development updates for Chernarus, and the rumors and whispers that Chernarus might be making a comeback I will be creating a group for those of you who are interested.

I will be slowly recruiting members over time.

About me:

I am a veteran player of Nylex's servers, and I have been playing unturned for just over 3000 hours. I have been playing on Nylex's servers on and off since 2017. Over the years I have played on Hawaii, Overgrowth, Chernarus, and Russia. Some of you people who have been playing for as long as me might know me by 4D, Vyrum, or nirv.

For those of you who are interested feel free to shoot me a DM or ping me in the discord.

- Discord Name: nirv#6493


I have a few name ideas which are the Paragon Conglomerate, the Paragon Corporation, Shadow Stalkers or Walkers, or the Paragon Syndicate. However as I get this started I will be open to name suggestions as well.  


Clan Requirements / Preferences

- Basic knowledge of building..

- Know how to PVP decently as we'll be in the KOS zone a lot.

- Looking for older / more veteran players of Nylex's community but newer and ones are welcome as well.

- Don't have gear fear and know how to keep comms clear in tense / stressful scenarios.

- Reserve slot is preferred, but F2P players are welcome.

- Looking for non toxic people who can keep their cool and be mature, respectful, and helpful to others. 

- EU and US people are welcome.

Topic starter Posted : 08/04/2023 8:03 am