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[Solved] sap's PD application

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What is your region? (North America, Europe, etc): Europe GMT+2

Why do you feel like you are suited for the police role?: I feel I am suited for the role of a police officer as I am a highly motivated individual with a strong sense of justice and will to server the URP community. Paired with my ability to keep calm under pressure, I am convinced to be able to fulfill the duties of a police officer and uphold the law that rules over the land of Unlimited. 

Moreover, it is important for me to highlight my substancial experience in the department, having previously acted as Deputy Chief for close to half a year while being a server admin. This exhilarating episode subsequently led to my mastery of the server rules and game mechanics.

How long have you been playing on the LifeRP server? (roughly): 20 months.

Link to your steam profile:

Request to join this steam group

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Posted : 11/04/2023 9:53 pm
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DM me at Delilah#4446 for your interview invite

P.S. I simply read The blacklist incorrectly in this case that's my bad

Posted : 12/04/2023 12:17 pm