police application from bluemakbook  

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reasons why I can be a police 

1 I can be on every day and on the weekends I can be on at 10am to 11pm 

2 I'm a cop on different rp server  

3 I have a friend who it a police on the server and he said he could train me 

4 I want to help people

5 I have a mic and some people don't

6 I want to put someone in jail

More about me 

I can be on when other people can I've played the sever for a while I'm a really good cop on my other rp sever. I want to help people I will help the other police and be nice and I always want to be there to help when someone is getting robed because when I play I always get robed so I want to stop that and I will go every were to make sure its safe for everyone  



I've playing  the server for more the 2 weeks and I've watch all of nylex's rp videos 

Posted : 29/11/2021 3:21 am
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Denied Acceptable application, but failed to follow the format, feel free to reapply in a week.

Posted : 05/12/2021 2:41 pm
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