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Pog Cheese's PD Application

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What is your region? (North America, Europe, etc): North America

Why do you feel like you are suited for the police role?:  Why I feel suited for the police is that I have many reasons, such as having experience and being a active officer as well for another server. I had experience with Unturned police before as a Lieutenant. I currently have 1,199 hours in for unturned. I am fairly active but since I am a active officer for another server then I would have to make that for that as well as school is now ending. I as well am quite friendly and helpful.

How long have you been playing on the LifeRP server? (roughly):  3-5 months then stopped but started back again a month ago and playing almost everyday

Link to your steam profile:

Topic starter Posted : 04/06/2023 11:35 pm