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[Closed] PD Application

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  • What's Your Region? : Saudi Arabia, South Asia, 
  • Why do you feel like you are suited for the police role?: I feel like I am suited for the police role because the server is very violent and I would like to change that. I hate the way civilians are treated and there is robbery everywhere. I will respect the rules anywhere and everywhere. I will also respect the civilians and our staff. This is why I feel I am up for the challenge and ready to join the police force and I've seen none PD in night and my timezone is morning for me when it's night in America,
  • How Long You've been playing URP?: 5 month but 300 hours spend in the server,
  • Steam ID:
Topic starter Posted : 24/03/2023 7:28 pm
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Make your steam profile game hours public

Posted : 24/03/2023 9:47 pm