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[Closed] IM GRINDIN FOR 200+ HOURS RONIN please recheck

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if the typing isn't good sorry.

region? NA 

I feel like I'm suited for this roll because i love what the PD do and there aren't enough PD now a days so we need more people. i am fairly good at pvp because I've been playing unturned for a long time i started playing the server about 7-8 months ago and i love it i have grown aware of how things work on the server such as PD guidelines/rules and I've been looking into it and i am really interested in the PD. I LOVE the work you guys do and i wanna bring myself to the table and try to help too. I have been trying to be really nice for the past week or so by giving away money helping people out and stopping crooks. 

PLEASE take thought in this if you decline it that is alright but i wanna help and I'm willing too 

sorry for lying about my age I'm really 14

im grindin

DUDE's police application 

you will have to invite me to the group. 


thank you sincerely yours DUDE

Topic starter Posted : 26/01/2023 11:52 pm


I commend the effort, but you need 300 hours to be in pd. Once you get that feel free to reapply

Posted : 27/01/2023 4:05 am
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