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How old are you?:Im currently 16

Are you somewhat fluent in speaking English?:Yes

Why do you want to join the whitelisted roleplaying community?:Its been months since i moved countries and i forgot what its like to be in a community since Arma 3,so I decided to change my course

Do you have a working microphone?:Yes,on my headphones.

Have you had any previous roleplaying experience? (if so we'd love to hear about it!):Yes I did,part of large RP Life servers in Arma franchise for about 4 years,somewhat Gmod RP servers for 2 years,and that would be it as i dont want to go into detail its too long.

Character background- Write a background for your character. Talk about how you ended up in the apocalypse and what sort of person your character is- try to keep things realistic:On the day the world fell,I was a part of first responder team of the United States National Guard.Quickly we fell into a trap near the hospital,by a scavenger group and it attracted a large horde of infected,and we were forced to request an immediate evac out of the city,with us barely making it out and being wounded we headed on board of USS george Washington CVN-73,but a group of Army rangers went AWOL and rouge,shooting our helicopter down...Only two of us made it as remains of the national Guard in this forsaken hellhole

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Posted : 18/11/2018 2:05 am

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