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What is your region? (North America, Europe, etc.): Europe 

Tell us why you would make a good staff member and what you can do for the community:
To begin with, there are many opinions on me, such are good and others are bad. When you read this part of my staff app I hope you do forget about some of those unfortunate moments where I may have been toxic or unpleasant. Many of my dearest friends know me as having a funny-ish, goofy personality and much hate that. Much of the staff team could say that I don't have a very good staff material-like personality but that's not the real me but is at the same time, but we all know that is not what it takes to get on the staff team or earn their respect, after all me and some staff had made it there so why couldn't I?

Anyways, I believe a true staff member doesn't have to be nice or have all these kinds of personalities. I believe they must know between right and wrong, be sensible, reasonable, and well-known. This subject is hard to approach but I realize that what all the community wants is an active staff. Many of the staff are hardly ever on anymore besides school, sports, family, etc in real life. While they may be active in the Discord and claim that they're on the server we all know this is not true. For much some time now I have seen the activity of staff slow down to whereas the safe zone shops become a ghost town and this is sad. This is not an attack on the staff but I wish to bring some realization to their heads that the community wants a good active staff that they can trust and that person is me.

To what was just said above, I managed to be on from 7 am — to around 10pm every day of any months of the year. Now when school had begun from summer, I could get in at least 6 hours. You might be wondering what I am doing with my life as well do I, but I was extremely determined in getting this role that I sacrificed much of my time when it had become an everyday part of my life like brushing my teeth and making my bed. P.S. I don’t do that.
When it comes to the community, I am pretty well-known but not as much as I have been in past days, lots of people manage to deal with me and others dislike me for killing them a few times but do not let their opinion skew yours. Within the RP aspect of the server, I am a strong believer in it.

I have been in the Nylex community for much time now, ranging all the way back to the good old days of the first episode, that is when I wished to become a staff member and help the servers. From then on to this point right now that you are reading this have I been determined to build some respect for my name and become a staff member within the community and do good and bring justice. I have reported tons and tons of rule breakers and gotten them banned, I played on this server for around 1 years and only managed to get 1 ban last year ago.

Again, a staff member should be honest and I feel as if I have exceeded this point. I never lied about any reports I have ever conducted on a player in this server, to an extent I have even reported some of my closest teammates and friends for the sake and safety of the server.

As for the community, “I’m going to stop rule breakers and ban bad members.” No, I can’t do that but I wish I could. If I become a staff member I will force myself to get on as much as possible and take care of the safe zone and any reports. I will keep track of such backgrounds on rumoured rule breakers and host events for the community. And whilst this happens, I will run a good name around the server and me to get it more populated as the server is pretty dead not trying to be rude but used to be more alive before the wipe.

Lastly, I have lots of experience in such roles. I have once been a head admin on many server and even more i have owned my own server so I know what the pain can be like. With such power, I have been sensible and reasonable, never have I abused such authority while being staff on these servers. With great power had come much responsibility, I had learned a lot from all these experiences.

And to end with, this has been the only reason that I have stayed on Nylexs server for the years because I wanted this role so badly, with hopes that I can get it this time but if I do not then I am going to do what I must and depart from Unturned and this server itself.

How long have you been playing on servers (roughly):
I have played it for ages you might not think that because of my profile but its a new account i made not to long ago because i lost my main account with 8k Hours on Unturned.

Steam profile URL:

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