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I have been playing unturned roleplay servers for 3 years. my adenture became on russia roleplay. I enjoyed playing this server so much. i remember that admins were active, i was rarely kosed etc. Chernarus was much better, active kos zone, hero&bandit sz, it was best unturned roleplay i have ever played . After 2.5 year situation has changed. most of admins quited or just dont care. im getting kosed/sz griefed or camped almost every day and after reporting culprits with footage the only answer i get is "im busy"(busy 24/7. if you know that you cant be good admin just dont be one) and kosser isnt banned. i know that there are only 2 admins on the server. both are barely active and 1 of them doesnt care. half of the server breaks the rules. more and more players quit and thats becouse admins just cannot or dont want to keep up with reports. Crazy bob just isnt enough! the only way to stop this ANARCHY is to hire more "peace keepers"who can ban kossers. i am tired of being victim, i am very active player, with huge rp experience, i have never been banned. After 3 years i need to say; it has never been as horrible as it is now!! something NEEDS TO BE CHANGED!!! i am volunteer, i will help, i will do whatever it takes to end this anarchy. you may think that i am not good enough to be an admin. if yes so make someone better a staff so he can help. massage to admins: if you care, change something, if you dont then quit. there is no point of trying to be admin if you dont want and cant, you are wasting your time so just let others to the job. i am from europe and i speak English well. im sure that we dont have manpower to make chernarus great again. 1 or 2 admins more= no breaking rules. let ANYBODY do the job and im sure chernarus roleplay will be a better place. for all of us. why would i be a good admin? answer is simple- BECOUSE I CARE!

Posted : 06/01/2019 5:22 pm

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