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[Closed] Joes aplication for staff

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What is your region? Australia

Tell us why you would make a good staff member and what you can do for the community

i am a friendly and helpful type of person i help alot of people on a daily basis. i would like to be a trial mod, this will be the first time i would ever be in staff and a new road for me. i would be a good staff member because i like being on all the time and doing jobs e.g help a kos situation, help a frp situation, also i know how to deal with lots of situations like kos and more i realy dislike being kosed in this server everyday so i want to make a stand to stop frp and kos. if you hire me i will make the server great again.

How long have you been playing on servers (roughly): 420 hours 

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ty. i hope you hire me to make the server good again as it once was

Topic starter Posted : 05/07/2022 12:10 pm
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loving the pfp

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Posted : 07/07/2022 10:17 am