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Application For Staff ! Bruno1994 - Life Rp Server  

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What is your region? (North America, Europe, etc.): Europe (Portugal).

Tell us why you would make a good staff member and what you can do for the community: Helping the players if they have problems on the game or the server and also the staff if they need help with something. And the MAIN REASON is because I don´t see any staff on most of the time to help the players with their problems (no offence). I love to help the comunity by doing events to make the players be more active. Trying to make the servers more active as well. Trying to be usefull to anybody who need a staff menber anytime.

How long have you been playing on servers (roughly): Since chernarus/overgrown servers open.

Steam profile URL:

OBS: Sorry if I can´t write english well...
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Posted : 04/07/2020 1:06 am