Jason Vanetti's Mercenary Store (Store name: Mission Complete)  

Jason Vanetti
Eminent Member

What server you'd like a shop on

I would like a shop on Cherneraus RP 

-Shop number on that server
On Top Of Pandas Scrap And Salvage Store

-Why you think you would be a good shop owner
I think I would be a great shop owner because I am active, I would be on average for 2 hours a day and sometimes even 3 hours. Sure I do not play on weekdays since I am very busy, although when it comes to the weekends I will be super active! I call myself active since I play no server other than this one meaning I would have no interest on any other server than this one. It would also make some profit on my back pocket, I never know the future. Maybe the money I make in SZ will be my last resort to being able to do anything.
Moving on, I want to make a Mercenary shop. What I mean by that is by being able to be hired by several people to either kill someone (I wouldn’t KOs them I would rob them and if they drop their loot then I would basically consider it as “KOs” because your taking their loot which is their needs to survive and make money). I am also considering being a mercenary who assists in raids or raids alone although I am considering it (Unless if my store gets popular then I guess I would do so). I am willing to be hired to rob, loot, and aid people in any way, etc. I have already planned out prices and planning out what the shop would look like.

-Make sure you have read and understood the shop rules
I have understood that I have a limited amount of space when it comes to storage, meaning I am not allowed to place 16 lockers in a store. I also understood all other rules that do not JUST comply with limited storage space but many more rules. 

-A link to your Steam profile
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Posted : 07/12/2018 6:16 pm
Jason Vanetti
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Oh um. Sorry, I want to change my store to Store #2. The reason, why I changed, is because I did not know the numbers of the stores since the store didn't show whether it was vacant or not and the shop number itself! Sorry!

Posted : 08/12/2018 1:12 pm

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