Unturnedroleplay.com Donation/Purchase Terms and Conditions

Please read and agree to these before making a purchase


By paying money for kits and other in-game features, and by accepting these terms and conditions you agree that you are donating to the website and receiving in-game digital items as a donation reward.
You agree and understand that store items are only used on all the servers listed under the Survival Roleplay Servers section of the servers page.
By agreeing to these terms you are aware you may have to wait up to a few hours before receiving your reward.
You agree that if you do not link a valid steam profile at the checkout, we cannot complete your order and get you your reward/prodcut. (Click here to find out how to get your steam profile URL.)
By making a purchase or donation and agreeing to these terms you understand there are no refunds to be made on any item successfully purchased.
You agree that if you are banned from a server, there are to be no refunds on items bought. If you feel you do not deserve to be banned, head over to the ban appeal page and the situation will be quickly resolved!
You agree that if the server and community is shut down and is no longer active, there are still no refunds or charge-backs to be made on previous orders and/or donations.
You agree that prices of products are subject to change.
You agree that contents of donation rewards and products are subject to change.
It may be worth taking a look at the servers rules. You agree that even if you have purchased an item or donated you can still get banned for rule breaking and of course, not get a refund.
Click here for our privacy policy.
These terms and conditions are in regard to donations and purchases, click here for our full website terms and conditions.
You understand that any attempts of charge-backs and refunds will get you banned from the store and quite possibly the community.


Why don’t I have my Kit or Rank yet, It should be available by now!
Usually it takes a couple of hours for kits to be activated on the servers, although it could be longer if we are experiencing heavy load.
Please be patient and bear with us!

Oops! I think I put invalid information where my steam URL should have been! What can I do?
Don’t worry, when the order goes through and the information is Invalid or isn’t a steam profile link/steam64ID you will be refunded the full amount.
Check your paypal for the refund, there is usually a message attached letting you know what has happened and how to correctly input your steam profile URL.

I don’t play on the server any more and therefore don’t use my rank or kits, can I get a refund?
Sorry, There are no refunds to be made and accepted on any successful orders regardless of the situation.

I was banned from the server, this is totally unfair, I want a refund! 
Sorry, even if you were banned we do not accept refunds. If you feel like you were wrongfully banned (which happens occasionally!), Please submit a ban appeal and your situation will be resolved usually within the same day.

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us at nylexbusiness@gmail.com