[Closed] I keep losing connection to the server  


If you are experiencing connection loss upon joining the server, this could be result of numerous problems:


You might be experiencing high latency between you and the server. Check to see what ping the server has. If it is higher than ~250, disconnects are expected.  These disconnects can be caused by:

  • High bandwidth usage on your Network- Check to see if anybody else in your house is using the internet to stream, download or play games. 
  • Regional latency- The servers are hosted from France, EU. If you live in a far away region, you will experience high ping and unfortunately nothing can be done about this.
  • Firewall- Double check your firewall isn't blocking any access from Steam or Unturned. 



There may be an issue with your client, this is hard to pinpoint but the most common issues are listed below.

  • Mod issues- Sometimes, mods can cause the server to falsely lose players connections. This can happen if a mod is outdated on your client. Close your game and unsubscribe from all of your workshop items, then subscribe to everything on this list and attempt to join the server.
  • Resource overload- Loading into a modded unturned server can sometimes require a lot of resources, your computer may be unable to handle loading the custom map for the first time. From the main menu, lower all your graphics settings to the lowest, then attempt to rejoin the server, if successful, put all your graphics settings back to normal. 



Ultimately, there may be a temporary issue with the server and nothing wrong with anything on your end. These issues are typically resolved quickly and are usually the case if a large amount of people are experiencing the same issue.

  • Outdated mod- There could be an outdated version of a mod on the server that's in need of an update.
  • High latency issues- There could be a plugin or level problem causing high ping on the server. 


If none of these fixes solve your problem, feel free to make a post detailing your problem and staff will assist you where possible. 

Posted : 12/05/2018 5:13 pm
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