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Ural mountains safe zone ideas  

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I was thinking for this server we could do the sz differently by adding a few more shops and homes. this is what I was thinking

1. gun shop

2. clothing shop

3.vehicle shop (vehicles from events, found on map, stolen)

4. black market (horde  beacons, top tear guns, sentries basically anything really expensive)

5. bar (food and drinks)

6. building supplies 

7. farming (seeds, fertilizer)

3 unassigned shops

10 4 by 4 houses 

How the housing system would work is every month they would be auctioned off by a admin appointed head of the sz. whoever can pay the admin the most in scrap ammo guns cloth food clothing building supplies etc. gets the house. this would be useful because it would probably save a bit of memory because people wouldn't have to build as many bases (each house could be shared by multiple people). also many people would love to have a safe home were there base isn't getting offline raided everyday and a place were they could keep some stuff to fall back on when there robbed or kosed. If this idea is excepted I would be happy to help build the sz because I know how much work it'd be for the admins.  


Posted : 21/12/2017 12:53 am

Some good ideas here, thanks for the suggestions!:) 

Posted : 22/12/2017 10:14 am