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Whilst this server is a casual Life RP one, we ask that you follow these simple rules to ensure everyone has a great experience. Refusing to stick to the rules will result in a ban.

Killing is allowed as part of an RP scenario such as a gang war, robbery gone wrong etc. or in retaliation to another player being aggressive towards you or initiating a hostile crime towards you.
However random KOS (Killing on sight), or attempted KOS/RDM without any RP is against the rules. 
Poor excuses such as "I'm roleplaying as a murderer" or "I'm a hitman" is not good enough to justify randomly killing someone, actual RP elements must be in play.

Conducting robberies on other players houses is not against the rules so long as the player has an RP reason to be breaking into someone elses home. ('I'm RPing as a thief' whilst breaking into every house you see won't cut it as a good enough excuse). Stealing vehicles from players is also fine (just don't get caught by the law!). However Griefing players homes & Vehicles is strictly prohibited. 

When engaging in RP, it is important to stay in character and value your life. Running around and robbing everyone you see holds no value to life and is considered FailRP.
Combat logging, the act of logging out of the server or illegitimately removing yourself from a situation in an attempt to avoid an altercation is considered FailRP and is not allowed. (For example suiciding when handcuffed/tazed/imprisoned to get out of the situation).
We do not have an NLR (New Life Rule) on this server, instead NLR is handled by a plugin that physically restricts players from entering their place of death. However, players can still attempt to return to a location after death. 

You may only build on your own property in which you have a deed for. Building anywhere else is considered griefing and will result in a ban, especially if it obstructs other areas. Griefing vehicles that are not owned by you, such as destroying them, siphoning them etc is against the rules (Not including stealing them). Building on vehicles is fine so long as it doesn't obstruct other players/is excessive.
Misuse of your property will result in it being removed without warning, along with potential additional action. For example, using your garage as a house or your greenhouse as storage is misuse of property/deed. 

Gangs & Groups
Joining gangs and groups is encouraged, players have free will to start a gang/group with no max player limit. Rival groups can freely KOS eachother if both groups agree on rivalry. (Proof of agreement is needed to dispute a KOS report). This does not exempt anyone from the murder law.

When you have a job (Via /job command) you must live up to the responsibility of it. For example, if you are EMS and somebody calls for a medic, you must respond.

The Obvious Stuff
The stuff that goes without saying: Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, Harassment. All not allowed.
With everything, common sense is your friend. If something seems like it may be against the rules, it likely is. Just because your specific scenario isn't listed in the rules does not make you exempt. If you're doing something that is pushing the line of whats fitting for an RP server, it'll likely get questioned by admins. (For example excessively building on a vehicle beyond whats fitting for RP).


The laws and consequences of the Life RP server. If you don't want to get arrested, follow these! Players are encouraged to report crimes to the Police Department via in-game, forums or the Discord.

Fines work by having a base amount, and then are exponentially increased every time you get fined by adding 20% to the previous fine.
For example if a base fine is $200 and you get fined more than once over time, your offences and fine amounts will look like this:
1st offence: $200 (base amount)
2nd offence: $240 (+20% of last fine [40])
3rd offence: $288 (+20% of last fine [48])
4th offence: $345 (+20% of last fine [57])
5th offence: $414 (+20% of last fine [69])

Base amounts:
Non-lethal crime: $200
Lethal crime: $1000
Contraband Related (Drugs, drills, printers): $3000

Prison Time
Non-lethal crime: 10 minutes
Lethal crime: 20 mins
Drug related: 30 mins

Police can decide what punishment fits the crime, what amount to fine and to send the player to prison or not. However they must follow the above and not exceed the maximum time/amount for the given crime. We do have a count system, meaning players can be charged for multiple counts of a singular crime thus multiplying their sentence maximum. Police may set prison bail on players to allow an early release and to make some extra cash.

Assault (Non-lethal attack) on another player, even if it's just a punch is illegal
Murder in any situation other than self defense is illegal
Theft of a players items, vehicles, money or committing robberies on businesses & banks is illegal. 
Resisting Arrest/Evading will add an extra fine/time on top of your sentence.
Carrying weapon without correct license will be considered a non-lethal crime however the weapon will be seized
Conducting business without correct permit will cause your business to be shutdown/seized on top of your sentence.
Owning facilities without the correct deed will cause your facility to be shutdown/seized on top of your sentence.
Caught with Vault Drill or Money Printer (Or parts) will cause for the items to be seized on top of your sentence.

Driving vehicle without correct license will cause for the vehicle to be impounded along with any additional sentences.
Parking in prohibited/obstructing area could result in your vehicle being towed, impounded or destroyed!
Reckless driving could be considered a lethal crime, be careful on the roads!

Possession of drugs(on person or in owned property) will result in the drugs being seized on top of any sentence.
Growing/manufacturing of drugs will result in the drugs & apparatus to be seized on top of any sentence.
Selling/buying drugs will result in both parties to be sentenced. 
Please note: Despite what the NPC in the mall will tell you, weed is illegal. We know in the state of Cali it's not, but for balancing purposes of the server, weed counts as illegal drugs.


Police Department Rules/Guidelines
For those who are recruited in the Police Force, these are the guidelines you are expected to follow.

You must be a part of the Official URP PD Steam group when on duty.
You cannot engage in criminal activities when part of the PD (This includes on other characters).
You must remain active to keep your position in the PD.
You must treat every situation fairly and in compliance with the law. Abuse of power will result in removal of job.
Tampering, erasing or griefing any notes/signs that the PD use to keep track of cases will result in a ban from the server.
Swat officers can make the decision to raid/search a players property only if they have good reason to.
You must not abandon police vehicles. Please leave them in a PD garage or HQ. If possible, use already-existing vehicles before spawning more.
You must salvage any barricades placed during a situation once it's over (For example road blocks)
Corruption of any kind is not tolerated (For example giving weapons, access, vehicles etc to civilians) and may even result in a ban.

Police may kill players if they have good reason to, such as evading arrest, hostility, refusal to follow orders, etc.
Police may warn players that they will be killed if they overstep boundaries set by the police.
For example in a bank robbery police can warn everyone that if they come close to the bank during the active situation, they will be treated as a threat and shot. Or perhaps the police will warn that anyone with a weapon drawn in the vicinity will be treated as a threat. etc.

Fines & logging
It is your responsibility to create and update records of the players you arrest/fine & properties you conduct raids on. You must do this for every case in the official URP Jobs discord server following the template. It is also your responsibility to keep track of players prison times, don't forget about them!

Common Sense
For most situations you can refer to the law to make arrests and serve fines. For cases that fall into a grey area, use your best judgement. 
Usually so long as police have good reason to take specific action and are fair, there shouldn't be an issue. 


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