i was Kosed near Sa...

i was Kosed near Savezone after he accept my tpa! (By: Bimis and Jebu :D)  

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A Guy called Jebu 😀 and his Friend Bimis Kosed me! I lost so many stuff (Diamond, refined Pearlstone, refined SIlver, Zubeknakov with 3 drums… and OP clothes) Me and my friend jonithma was at our base, i asked to tpa and he sayed yes i can! I sended him the TPA and got killed by his frind Bimis! I was realy Triggert because i lost all my stuff. I wrote in Chat KOS!!!! He sayed that he did nothink! He told me that he was on way to savezone! After that i send him another tpa! he was in Savezone! But i have a reccord, that he stand next to him at time i got killed!

I have a YouTube Channel! I will upload this Video! YouTube Channel Name: Tev3lgaming! Please help me! im realy Angry About this KOS/RDMers! thats realy unfair! I hope any Admin can help me and can give my stuff back! 


By the way, now, is he whole time next to me and is crying :(!

Posted : 29/12/2018 4:29 pm

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