Community Dieing  

Lucius Malterius
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Recently I've being observing the community activity, It is dieing so badly, I'm not talking about the numbers of players in the server cause every day there's a 20/24 but I'm talking about the real activity. Shop owners are completely dead, the only admin who's always on is Bob, people who want to get a shop can't cause admins don't answer to applies. The community has a lot to give and there's still a lot of people that want to really play on the servers, please just come back to the old community where everyone was really active.


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Posted : 27/12/2018 10:10 pm
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The community has a lot to give


The only thing the community gave me was a headache.

Posted : 28/12/2018 5:51 am
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4.0 is around the corner, 3.0 has been seen and played. There's not much to discover anymore. The game in whole is dead, it's just not the Nylex's community, the game is dead.

Posted : 28/12/2018 10:29 am
Lucius Malterius
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Depends by the players u've met, btw I hope that at least after 4.0 kicks in the game's gonna get up again.

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Posted : 28/12/2018 12:41 pm
crazy bob

how is 4.0 around the corner?

There's no eta as far as I know.


Posted : 04/01/2019 2:31 pm

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