Story of Cdf  

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Long ago in Cherno a Admin by the name of Ez created a group called Chernarus defense force. They were mostly made up of the best pvpers of the time , they were outfitted with the best loot and base. Under the command of Ez they declared wars on other groups and they left nothing. After a while the Ez left the Cdf under the command of Friendly hitman. Friendly hitman was a good leader but even without the help of Ez the group still did good on there own . One day they invited a user named Ed , he was there for a short while and he saw the group needed a new admin. So he invited Dolan a good friend of him during the time. But during that time he figured out the group was helping a fellow player with making alts because he has been permanently banned. Dolan took this to the rest of the admins and they Broke up the group and banned Friendly from joining any group again. 


Moral of the story, be cautious of people who are close to you and no matter what help your friends  

Posted : 15/11/2019 12:43 am
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