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Saviour_Eli Discord Server Ban

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Hi, I got ban on the discord server for mute evading when I don't remember mute evading and all I did was make a alt account bc my main account wasn't working, because I forgot password. Then I was on the alt joined the server and dmed sap about a question, then I just said I was Saviour_Eli and he ban me for mute evading when I wasn't muted on my main, So if you can find it in your heart I wish I can get another chance, I feel like I deserve it. Ive spent money on these servers and I just hope I can get unban, And I apologize if I broke any rules. Thank you for your time reading this.

Topic starter Posted : 09/03/2022 3:22 am

I would unban you, but you'd have to link your Discord username along with the numbers. If you do that, consider yourself unbanned

Posted : 14/03/2022 10:19 am