NeRo's ban appeal (...

NeRo's ban appeal (sorry Robert)  

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What happened/why are you banned?:
I'm gonna tell the true story, explain what actually happened. Approximately2 days ago I was perma banned for corruption because I had +- 80 (or a bit more, can't remember the exact amount) crates of 3 types of berries (mauve, indigo and amber) in my shop in Calabas. It all started when Colourinq banned 1 guy for breaking property rules and raided his shop with garage at Calabas. After he did it, he asked me if I wanted to claim it and sure thing i agreed (who wouldn't). Until then everything was ok, but then when I was about to start transporting all my stuff from my shop to another - I asked Colourinq 1 simple question that changed everything: "would be an officer be fired if he had drugs in his lockers?". Straight after it Colouring asked me if I had drugs or berries in my shop and I said "no, i don't", which wasn't true. He didn't believe me and continued asking me about it for a couple of times after which I told 50% of the truth: "yes, I have drugs in my shop, but they are unobs, they are for my collection".

Now, I told him about unob drugs, but I didn't tell him about the crates of berries that I had as well, after it Colouring said that he didn't care about that and asked me to get rid of them so I don't get in trouble in future. Now about the berries: why did I have them and what was it all for?. I had them inside of my lockers for approximately 5 or 6 days before I was banned, it's gonna sound stupid, but I actually didn't even mean to carry them, what do I mean?: it was more like a spontaneous decision, when I was getting really a lot at those several days before I had any in my shop, from arrests, raids, found in pd lockers ect. I wanted to take a little break from pd for approximately 2 weeks to conduct some experiments with drugs and berries which I wouldn't have been able to carry out if I had remained pd. However, I didn't want to loose lots of my time either: collecting stuff i need, going to drug lab, planting seeds, planting crates, waiting for them to grow up etc. it would take me at least a few hours or even longer, that's why I had berries and some other illegal stuff in my lockers, I just didn't want to loose time in future.

Why you feel like you should get unbanned/gave second chance?:I lied about all that because I didn't want people to find drugs in my shop for 2 reasons:
1) Pd reputation. Most of the civilians like pd, they help people around, hold the server in the role-playing situation etc. But then suddenly people find out that 1 good cop had lots of berries in his shop, they trusted him, but he just lied to them. It's not the only case so far, so I didn't want to make people think something bad or suspect other pd members.
2) I simply didn't want to get fired or banned. Even if I told the truth about my crates of berries from the very beginning - I would have been banned anyway 

Even if I told the truth about my crates of berries from the very beginning - I still would have been banned anyway, all I could do in this situation was to pretend to be an idiot and try to convince people that the berries weren't mine, I didn't know what happened and all the other excuses that didn't work.

I feel really bad for people who played with me, trusted me with their secrets and thought i was "clear" person, I understand that there is no place for me in pd already, but i don't think that i really deserve a perma ban. I like the server and its community, i hope i deserve unban.

Thank you for your time and attention!

-What server you were banned from: life rp

-A link to your steam profile:

Posted : 09/11/2021 3:15 pm
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I hope he really gets unbanned because hes a nice person.

Posted : 10/11/2021 4:31 pm

L rip bozo 


Posted : 11/11/2021 7:00 pm
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@lucid y so mean


Posted : 13/11/2021 1:55 pm
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NeRo welcome in to the corrupted pd family xD

Posted : 19/11/2021 3:47 am
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