Neery's Ban appeal ...

Neery's Ban appeal ジ  

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-What happened/why you were banned: FailRP 
-Why you feel you should be unbanned/gave a second chance: I feel I should be unbanned because its My first offence with FailRP i know what i did wasnt very RP like I realise that i shouldnt have Asked for a Mercy Kill Or a Full kill Just to evade an arrest After rewatching and looking what i did realise i was in the wrong and that it wasnt very RP like I want to apologise to the PD for being annoying towards them and trying to bully them Especially "lear bear" Aka Larry Im sorry for my actions  I think i should get a second chance because Overall i have red the Rules over and over again Trying to Memorise everything Even tho the rules are Outdated  i still understand what to follow Im sorry for my actions  and ill try my best to Avoid FailRPing  And mercy killing. The person that killed me was Shampot 1 of my friends and a client. As for why i did it Its because to avoid an Arrest from PD At first i asked a friend if its allowed because he is in this community Much much longer then i am and i asked him if its a bannable offense he replied with No its not But i know its my fault i belived it the guy is awsome but still he wasnt a Staff member. Again im sorry for my actions towards the PD and to the staff for my behavior.
-What server you were banned from

 LifeRP Server #1
-A link to your steam profile

Posted : 26/07/2021 12:44 am
Robert O Flanko

Your ban expires tomorrow, Just wait till then. Read the rules while you're at it.

Posted : 30/07/2021 8:22 am