Life Rp Ban Appeal

Life Rp Ban Appeal  

New Member

In-game name: AGENT 47


Ban Reason: KOS

Server: LifeRp

Date of the event (03/21/2022)

Hello, I am recently new to the RP scene/community and I got banned from the server for committing something called KOS which i'm guessing is when you kill someone as i got banned straight after. Anyways I would like my time to apologize to the Unturned Staff/Community for my actions and seek forgiveness from the staff member called "Nylex", We all make mistakes in life and this was one of them and I hope that the staff of the server can find it in their hearts to give me a second chance as i was really starting to enjoy the server. I also really want to be part of this remarkable community as when i first joined all the players were very friendly and welcoming/ giving me stuff to help me out.

I was in the wrong doing but hope for a second chance.

- Have a Good Day!

Posted : 21/03/2022 9:52 pm
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