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ive been banned for insiding

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This is me jarus i recently got banned for insiding but i dont think its fair cus there is not enough proof and i allso i never directly admitted to insiding. the reason i was in the supranos group was because i know some people there and it might have looked like i insided them but i never did i said in chat "i did it for revenge" but when i said that i didnt mean insiding the supranos. i allso said i didnt do it at the end before i got banned. this might be a bad appeal but you dont have much evidence and i allso got perma banned atleast make it 27 days just because of the lack of evidence. my steam is el_spacito and my ingame name was jarus. i hope u see this sap and change your mind. thx

Topic starter Posted : 15/01/2022 9:56 pm