ive bean banned  

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the reason that i got banned was that sap thinks i kos 3 guys + me robbed sombody who dint have any loot but i thought he did so i said i would body check him but aperently thats not alouwd as cav and after that we wanted tto steal his truck so we said unlock the truck and he dint want to do that so i leaved him and then my mates killed him


beacause i just body checkt sombody and i thought it was alouwd but it was called kos i supose so ofc i wont do it again but i thought it was in a rp situation so i think i should be unbanned 


i got banned from the server life rp 1# 


i dont now how to link myy profile but my unturned name is info and my steam name miakjex

Posted : 03/12/2021 8:36 pm
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