isthatjoie's Ban Ap...

isthatjoie's Ban Appeal / False Ban  

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I was banned for supposedly "Cuff Glitching" (I don't know if needed but, the crime was by mistakenly running over someone.) Although even with eye witness I did no such thing. I surrendered and complied as told. It although took me a little to actually surrender due to me being new to Unturned in general.

I feel that I should be unbanned and given a second chance because I love servers like Unturned Life RP. The economy and everything is so awesome and I really enjoy it. Now that I fully know the rules I am willing to although a false ban, do better. I believe you should give me a second chance as well because I am new. I tried my best but I was still learning. I had pressure on me due to 3 officers yelling at me.

I was banned from Unturned Life RP. The RP server. 

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Posted : 26/07/2021 2:09 am

If you are so new to unturned be sure to also read the rules of the server thanks



Posted : 26/07/2021 2:45 pm
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