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I was banned from life RP  

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I was banned from life RP for kos 

Thank you for getting back to my brother Riley. I'm Alfie, his older brother. He's asked me to write this on his behalf about his ban, as he finds it difficult to write and get across what he wants to say. That may be why his previous Cop applications haven't been accepted.

I think Riley has explained about his mis-click and you've not accepted his explanation, which I'm sure you hear all the time and it's difficult to know when something is a genuine mistake. I just wanted to explain that Riley has both Autism and a Learning Disability. He does make mistakes sometimes and is usually trying really hard to play along with everyone else. He can sometimes make impulsive decisions, but has taken on board why the ban was put in place and understands.

However, we hoped you might make an exception in this case and give Riley a chance to continue to play along with everyone else. He takes games extremely seriously and is limited in the ones he's able to play and interact with others. He really loves this game and is really disappointed by the ban. We've spoken to him about the rules and he'd love another chance to stick to them if possible.

Thanks for your time.

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Posted : 14/01/2022 5:04 pm