How to appeal a ban...

[Closed] How to appeal a ban? Read before posting  


Important information to include in your post:
-What happened/why you were banned
-Why you feel you should be unbanned/gave a second chance
-What server you were banned from
-A link to your steam profile

Remind yourself of the server rules

Posts will be reviewed by forum admins/moderators and they will decide to unban you or not.


Posted : 01/01/2017 3:52 am
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Posted : 27/01/2017 2:30 am
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Oh ok so i was baned cause i was black maild

all the people on the server turened all the new people one me with storys and then they all rpordedme for fuck shit reason and now im baned i loved that that server and they ruind it all my friends turned on me it sucked and know im baned all of that just to be baned IM QUITING UNTURnED UNTILL IM UN BANED

Posted : 27/01/2017 2:46 am
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Hi Pavonis,

i banned you because I had received multiple KOS reports from players and staff, i tried to be lenient initially and chose to not ban you but i still got reports and it was unfair on other users. If any other users/staff have any inputs feel free to leave them here and we can try and figure out how your ban sentence will be for.




Posted : 27/01/2017 2:52 am
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I banned because I killed one man on spawn and I would like to be unbanned because I did not know what kos mean

overgrown server

nickname on steam:vuksel2002

Posted : 28/01/2017 3:02 pm
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To wolfy12334,

You wouldn't have been banned for killing one person one time. Do you now know the rules? Who did you KOS? Who banned you?

Posted : 15/02/2017 8:17 pm
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