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eXpE & Hopped Cr0wdy ban appeal  

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So me and my little brother got banned from Chernanus for attacking a admin in williams. My brother were scared of the zombies and suddendly he heard gunshots, he told me that the guy was shooting at him. I said no he's killing zombies. But my brother already shot at him, and then i decided to shoot too. My brother used a full 100 round on him. And kept shooting. He didnt know why he didnt die, so just shot all bullets. 

(he had 5 hours or so, and 11 yr.) 

Ended in both of us getting banned. He were in god mode so we never got to kos him. But when some guy on france told me, that u "DONT" get banned on chernanus i thougt, well why did i get banned tho. He also said that France would get closed cuz cheranus is main server. And when i closes i'd not be able to play with my brother anymore on these servers. 

I never understanded why the admin didnt follow his own server rules, cuz theres a sign in the safesone where it says "If you kos u will be getting warning, and after that banned." 

I never got warning, neither my brother.

If i and my brother get unbanned, we'll not kos. And now that i learned my brother on france what kos means, and shit i think it'll get easier not killing and playing roleplay. 

As an experienced player on unturned, i'd love to have Canada snow map to open up again. Its a great map, not that big, and very fun to play on. Make a good safesone with shops and tradesones, just like on the old canada map. I liked that being able to buy a shop and sell the stuff u got. Made the roleplay universe much more funny. 

my url= https://steamcommunity.com/id/expe2503/

Brothers url=  https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198296505777

Posted : 04/12/2018 1:41 pm

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