[Closed] Discord appeal  

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What happened/why you were banned I was banned from the discord for mute evaiding 

-Why you feel you should be unbanned/gave a second chance I think i shoud be unbanned cuz i acctually didnt know that i was mute evaiding and that it was banable a friend told me just rejoin the server and i did wihout thinking at all i want to say im sorry for mute evaiding and i will never do it again i promise and the next time i get muted i will wait out my mute until an admin decides that i will be unmuted and wont do stuff wihout thinking before doing them.If u feel like i dont deserve to be ubanned atleast make the ban to not be perm i woud wait what ever time is needet for me.

-What server you were banned from Nylex official discord server 

 -My discord Yama#7900

Posted : 25/03/2022 7:10 am
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Posted : 25/03/2022 10:18 am
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stop making appeals expecting a different answer you make one every day

Posted : 25/03/2022 4:56 pm
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@starring-2 i made thiss one cuz my last one that was like 4 days ago did not get any respond 



Posted : 26/03/2022 7:54 pm
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can a admin say like no or  yes? 

Posted : 27/03/2022 9:37 pm
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@yamabushi-2 no


Posted : 28/03/2022 1:26 pm
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@nero_axal0tl dam


Posted : 28/03/2022 2:34 pm

unbanned since it's just discord, any other offense will be an unappealable ban.

Posted : 02/04/2022 7:55 pm
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