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my name is evilflame btw

ok first I ask a person for a ride to mont. and when he got out of the car I jumped in the drivers seat and stole it. I didn't know it was against the rules to rob.

I feel I should be unbanned because this was my first time being banned and promise that I will never do that again. If I get banned then you should perm ban me because I am telling the truth.

I was banned from Life RP

please un ban

Posted : 27/12/2021 11:48 pm

Denied. Please supply the full story of exactly what happened. And it ISN'T against the rules to rob, it's perfectly fine as long as you follow the robbing rules and approach it in an RP matter. Taking someone's car after they jumped out doesn't seem like good roleplay. Good news, I'm reducing your ban to 7 days but I want you to read through the rules again and make sure you're familiar with all the rules and most importantly robbing rules.

Posted : 28/12/2021 9:10 am