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ADamnHam Ban Appeal

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Why I was Banned:- When I got banned it said unspecified reason with a whole bunch of numbers. I am new to the roleplay experience and unturned in general since I just installed it to play with my friend. My friends believe that I may have combat logged after I was robbed for my gun at an ATM. I have read the rules just didn’t understand that this behavior was not allowed. I was genuinely mad and logged off because I thought we had lost everything and I was done playing for that moment.Why I think you should give me a second chance:- I think you should give me a second chance since I really didn’t know what combat logging was until my friends explained it to me. If you look at my time on unturned it is not very long and I don’t really play other games to know what combat logging is. I really enjoyed my time on the server meeting new people and playing with my hometown friend who I don’t get to talk to as often. If you gave me a second chance; I will be more vigilante about the rules and how roleplay servers are ran. I am a quite person and just want to play a game with my friend. My friends said that they will tell me more about the rules of the RP server so that an incident like this does not happen again. I’m sorry and I hope you would be nice enough to appeal my ban.What server were you banned from:- I was banned from LifeRP #1|Heists|Cops|Jobs|UnturnedRoleplay.comLink to my steam profile:-
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Topic starter Posted : 26/12/2021 12:32 am