Blackwater Private Military  

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Blackwater is an American Private Military forged by ex-military individuals formed at ground-zero of the illness and annihilation of humanity. In the militia, we have a underlying duty to protect civilization and reform justice. Although we're American Private Military, we have sought refugee in Canada.

You will be tested when you volunteer to join the group, testing will include flying, driving, shooting, etc. The group will consist of ranks that are a close replica of US army enlist grades E-9 to E-1. You must move up the ranks unless I say so, this group will be hardcore military role play which means you must obey orders if asked, do recon, guard the base, protect civilians and others who pay us, and lastly conduct military raids. We will have an military style base as well, this will include bunks, an armory, a kitchen, and a rec area. Good day to you all.

Contact me on discord at "Nikolai#8768"

Age Limit: 13

Discord: Yes

Server: Canada+

Mic: Must

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