Moppies PD Re-Application  

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If you'd like to become a police officer in the Life RP server, make a new post that follows this template.

What is your region? (North America, Europe, etc): North American.

Why do you feel like you are suited for the police role?: I am well suited for this role because i would be a great addition to the force and i would bring lots of experience, joy, and professionalism.  

How long have you been playing on the LifeRP server? (roughly): I've been playing LifeRP for about 3 months.

Link to your steam profile:        I have already tried joining but got denied

Request to join this steam group

Admins & high ranking Police members will review applications and accept ones they take an interest in. Good luck!

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Posted : 18/08/2022 10:46 pm
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Doesn’t meet the requirement of 300 hours

Posted : 19/08/2022 9:11 pm
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