[Sticky] Whitelist Application (for shits and giggles) by Fisher  

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This is a application how it SHOULD be done and is a example...peons)

How old are you: 26

Why do you want to join the whitelisted roleplaying community? Im already in  : D

Are you somewhat fluent in speaking English? Yes indeed.

Do you have a working microphone? Yes.

Have you had any previous roleplaying experience?  Lemme give you a list:
-3000+ hours of Arma 3 which are 1000 on Exile RP servers and about 1500 in Realism Milsim
-Played pubserver for atleast 400 hours
-regular LARPer

Character background- Write a background for your character. Talk about how you ended up in the apocalypse and what sort of person your character is- try to keep things realistic:

~~Personal information~~

Name: Alexander Mosak
Age: 32
Date of Birth: Early months of 1986
Occupation/Heritage: Chernarus, apparently born in Elekrozavodsk
Former Job/Profession: Car Engineer

Alexander was born into a lower class chernorussian family, his father beeing a scavenger and hobby mechanic and mother working in the Hospital as Nurse in Electrozavodsk. At young age of 8 his father occasionaly took him to the scrapyards scattered all over Chernarus to supply himself with spare parts and electronics for his hobby: building himself a very old Volha (Lada) from scratch and only spare parts. New parts were too expensive these timesin Chernarus, and unless you´re a certified, you never got your hands on good new spare parts. Helping his father building his dream, his interest for cars and engineering sparked and learned as much as he could from his fathers hobby. With 14 they finally fulfilled the dream of finishing the scrap car, and together they drove it for the first time as a reward for Alexanders great help over the years. Alexander was fascinated of what you can build out of what other people threw away and became very determined to become a engineer at the local Car Mechanic Station. As he finished school with 17 and average grades, he tried to apply to said station, but was denied due to too bad grades. His father then made a deal with the owner to let his son work and learn from the owner and his coworkers for free, so he can expand his knowledge and show that Alexander really has what it takes to become a good mechanic.

Said year later and to the owners suprise, Alexander proved worthy and became very skilled in a solid, hard working enviroment. Not only was he working at the station day in day out, he also still worked with his father on a new project and learned alot in the library in Chernogorsk. The entire year was about learning, aquiring new skills and honing his knowledge which in the end got him a promotion.

For 3 solid years he worked as trainee for the Mechanic Station and even got paid a small salary for his effort,, which made his parents very very proud. Coming after his father, he quickly became known on the scrapyards aswell, always paying a visit after work, looking for new spare parts to finish his second project with his father: a motorcycle completely build from scratch, with previously owning only the engineblock.

Shortly before finishing the project, his father became sick from a infection when he cut his hand on one of the scrapyards while digging through metal parts. Even tho his mother worked in the hospital, which he later got transported to, she and the doctors couldnt stop the infection spread through his body in which he after weeks enherently died.

Shocked by his fathers death, his idol who sparked his interests in life, died to what they both loved forever, he layed down the screwdriver and quit his job at the shop, to the dissapointement of the owner to loose a hard working hand like Alexander. Even tho he quit, the owner gave him permission to come back whenever he feels like, offering a future job, shall he decide to return again. Alexander accepted the offer, but wanted to do something first: finishing the motorcycle for his father.

2 more years went past and Alexander finished the motorcycle, edgeing his fathers name into the fueltank and driving it to the graveyard as his first drive, showing his father he finished their work for him. Hours went past with Alexander leaving his fathers grave, with the bike behind his gravestone as last honor.

Shortly after that, he started working again at the station, warmely welcomed by the owner and his colleagues and paid a normal salary, greatly helping now his widow mother, as she didnt earn enough to keep the household up, now that her husband, who brought occasionaly money home for helping out with his hobbyist mechanic skills. She was proud of her son, resembling her lost husband and beeing such a image of  him, the almost even started to look alike. Alexander grew a beard and from a small child digging in metal trash, he became a strong, hardworking and smart man.

Many years he kept working for the shop, but then the infection...the apocalypse came into Chernarus. His mother working in the hospital made her one of the first victims, trying to treat a infected patient. For his luck, she got killed out of her sight, he didnt need a traumatic experience. Even tho his mothers death hit him hard, he honoured her sacrifice that she tried to save someone with the risk of dying herself.

Months past, his beard big and hair starting to grey out, he still manages to survive, armed with makeshift weapons build from scrap and using his fathers scrapcar, he roams Chernarus, always looking for things that could make his life easier. Beeing able to weild tools very well, he quickly barricaded himself off from the outside, hiding in the woods, the car beeing a mobile home. Armed with tools, makeshift weapons and a old pistol, he found in a broken down farmhouse that he can barely use due to his lack of training, he tries to survive day by day.

Maybe one day you come across Alexander, but be warned, he doesnt like it when u get too close to the car.

Alex and his most prized posession


Alex checking out a scrapyard near Novi Sobor

Afterword: After writing this application i feel like, this took 33 minutes and 20 of them were for writing it, 13 for editing the pictures in ARMA 3 Zeus. I mean if i can do it in that short time, putting thoughts into it and some effort, how can 90% of the applicants not? This is what a decent/good application should look like. Information on your character is ESSENTIAL, not Diary entries or some other shit. I hope some people learn of this after reading because im kinda sick of look ing 20 applications that are pretty much the same, even tho theyre written from different people.

Cheers, Fisher

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Фишер есть болшой гей

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Alexander seems like a badass

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This will be denied

The application is not even on Unturned

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+Rep but sadly Denied.

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