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How old are you?: 19

Are you somewhat fluent in speaking English?: Yes

Why do you want to join the whitelisted roleplaying community?: I wish to join your community for something to do on Unturned, I have many forms of past experience in roleplaying. Some examples are: SantosRP (Garry's Mod), The Family Roleplay (GTA V)  and Westover Roleplay Academy (Roblox).

Do you have a working microphone?: Yes

Have you had any previous roleplaying experience? (if so we'd love to hear about it!): (See above on reason for WL)

Character background- Write a background for your character. Talk about how you ended up in the apocalypse and what sort of person your character is- try to keep things realistic:

Name: Darken Stuff

Age: 28

Occupation: Farmer, Doomsday  Prepper

        During a hard day's work in 2014, news broke out of an incident with a research facility.  As soon as that rung out, Darken ran to gather all he could from his storage and local grocery store to survive in his silo bunker. He's spent half of his life's savings on having the bunker built; ready for anything to happen. Darken also made sure to grab his weapons and ammunition just in case he needed to protect himself.

        Skip back, two years ago, July 25th 2012. Darken was farming his crops as normal, tending to them; making sure no bugs are chewing through his crop supply. Then, all of the sudden, after he had just finished dinner; a knock on the door. It was men in business suits from Scorpion Seven. They asked if Darken had seen anything odd lately or just anything notable.

        Darken of course, being an honest man, told them his crops were doing really good this year and will be providing a mighty feast for  his bank account and family. The men then left and went to the next house, so on and so forth. Darken then prepared a storage unit in his basement with his money, after that he upgraded and had a false silo built to house his bunker under it.

         Back to present day, November 26th 2018. Darken lifts up the entrance to his bunker, peaking out. The silo is gone, his house a distraught wreck. During his hiding a tornado hit wiping his lovely property. Darken then journeyed out onto his land, looking around; not a soul in sight.

         He was sore; very sore. The lack of exercise prevented him from walking away from his bunker too far so he re-entered his bunker. Darken opened a can of beans and ate.  He started to cry, unable to finish his afternoon meal; now realizing his family is gone. He then looked over to his weaponry, sitting there, waiting for  him to use them on intruders or local wildlife predators such as the wolf.

        Darken then realized he needed to find more people. He'd be better off in a group to survive this mess. So, he opened the hatch again, and started putting his rations into his beat up pickup truck that was also in the silo. The glass on the truck was broken from the silo collapsing, the roof also bowed in. After clearing some metal from outside, He moved the truck out of the silo, into the brilliant sunlight. The truck crackled once in a while, the metal heating up from being absent from sunlight for so long.

      Darken grabbed his factory produced gas can and loaded the truck with fuel. He knew not to let gas sit too long in his truck so he loaded it into a large gas can the local factory had given him for a christmas party. It was for his tractor but the truck will do just fine with the gas he had. He then, started the engine, put it into drive and went down his driveway. Not looking back physically, nor wanting to look forward mentally to what he was going to encounter on this landscape.

     November 28th 2018, log #531: I've survived four years in a bunker, just to get met with a pothole and a tree. The rubber was weak on the tires from sitting so long so i will have to pack up what i can into my bag. I'm not looking forward to what i'll encounter out here but what choice do i have.. I'm also running low on paper so I'll try to find a supply store when i can. Until then, to whoever may find me dead; I am a simple farmer, I've survived since the 2014 incident in Washington. Wish me luck. -Darken Stuff, coming from outside of the French countryside

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Darken, Man of the Hour, Builder

Posted : 28/11/2018 10:39 am

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