kezza's app for sta...

kezza's app for staff  

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my name is kezzabeii12 i am fairly acquainted to life rp i have been playing for a while on and off so on anyway heres my application

my region is Europe England lovely place   

i would make a great staff member as i have had experience on the ban side and the helping side and for these reasons i would like to join the team i have taken note of how things happen and why they happen for instance people complaining about the server size only being 24 slots me personally have tried and seceded to help people understand that the staff and Nynex cant raise the slots as for lag and other factors another thing is i enjoy having fun with people and helping them when ever there is needed for instance if some ones car falls through the map would help them out either spawn it back in or give a refund depending on what they wanted as for the ban side of things over my time on life rp i have countered multiply griefers people with bullet proof glass tanks and ridiculous creations as so i would like to put a stop to that or even decrease the amount it happens

i have been on the life rp server for roughly around 800 hours it is my favourite server to play as it is so popular 

my steam url is  

my steam url is infact that it is not custom its just been like that since i got steam 

sincerely kezza 

also i know ive got multiply bans how ever i know that is i act in a corrupt manour i will be perma banned i am ok with that but the amount i want this i wont be corrupt and will not tolerate it from civs admins staff or cops i will listen to both sides of story i will be sure to watch clips on discord to make sure kosers are banned for the correct amount of time and that every one gets the respect they deserve  

Posted : 08/03/2022 11:37 pm
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Extremely immature and can be very toxic at certain times.

Posted : 09/04/2022 3:08 pm
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@devan you mean immiture like you are writing that thank you much appriciated



Posted : 09/04/2022 7:41 pm
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