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Hello this is my application for a i dont know what numbers they are but i would be happy with whatever 🙂
-What server you'd like a shop on (and the name of the safezone if there are mulitple)
I would like a shop on Chernarus Roleplay, Bottom left Safezone.
-Shop number on that server-Theme - i suppose like an outdoor or camping shop styleShop-whatever's left 
-Why you think you would be a good shop owner
I would be a good shop owner because i am always online i would be there to open the shop couple hours a day and i have allot of experience in shop ownership and safe zone roleplay. I would sell in my shop Survival Gear such as MRE's Blowtorch and others for people.
-Make sure you have read and understand the shop rules
I have read the rules and understood them well that i wont break any rules!
-A link to your Steam profile
This is a link to my steam Profile Page - Steam Community :: [HD] Pablo

-Thanks for reading my application! 🙂 <3

Posted : 17/10/2021 7:34 pm
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