Active Member

-What server you'd like a shop on (and the name of the safezone if there are mulitple)

-Shop number on that server

N/A Any will do

-Why you think you would be a good shop owner

I have run restaurant owner ships before on other servers and would like to own one on this server.

I would be a good owner because I'm very friendly, like to help people out, have done it before, I'm active and would be open nearly every time I'm on the server. I have had a shop on this server awhile ago, it went very well and was very busy. I would like to own a restaurant, called Maccies as it is similar to Macdonald's but better and has more things, including drinks and cooler types of food.

-Make sure you have read and understand the shop rules

Yes I have read and understood them all.
-A link to your Steam profile


Posted : 17/10/2021 8:35 pm
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