Unturnedroleplay.com Changelog

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New for January 2019

31st Jan 2019

Added a few small mods to the server


Installed AviGateway to update all avi plugins


Updated or removed plugins according to their state after 2017 Unity update


Small server optimizations, bigger optimizations in the works!


New for October 2018

November 1st 2018

Added a selection of new mods (mainly vehicle and clothing)


Added a fancy new report-to-discord plugin


Increased health of zombies to improve servers' PVE elements


Configured airdrops to include tons of better modded loot


Removed a selection of 'useless' mods 


New for May 2018

june 28th 2018

Added custom map with NPC's which trade using currency


Added mine-able ores of various metals


Tweaked safezone player shop rules and requirements


Altered balancing values



Unique website visitors last month: 6,033

New for April 2018

May 6th 2018

Introduced a fresh new Safezone on Chernarus, Dunkertown 6.0


Opened a PVP team vs team server


Tweaked safezone player shop rules and requirements


Began top secret work on a top secret server in preparation for a future update 



Unique website visitors last month: 7,528

New for March 2018

Apr 1st 2018

Began work on a server wide re-vamp

Welcomed 1 new staff member

Tweaked basic currency system on Chernarus

re-worked whitelist rules and regulations to release soon

New for February 2018

Mar 3rd 2018

Added Pretty titles and icons to servers' join screen

Welcomed 1 new staff member

Added info pop ups for each server on servers page

Added basic currency system to the Chernarus server

Fixed huge lag issue serverwide

Tweaked system for applying for in-game shops

New for January 2018

Jan 30th 2018

Added Greece Map server

Welcomed 3 new staff members

Added badges and colors on Forums

Integrated Discord onto website

Updated Forum software 

New for December 2017

Jan 1, 2018

Added AviAirdrop Pro plugin to whitelist

Added a brand new Greece server!

Opened the whitelisted roleplaying server!

Added better navigation for different server types on the site

Closed Festive Germany server

Allowed different forum threads to have different user permissions